Monday, June 2, 2008

Study Aids

In the past, whenever hypomania has struck, I've come up with the brilliant idea to start a business. And the business I'm starting always involves buying a printer. But not a printer that I already have, the five printers from the previous episodes won't work. Nope, if I already have an ink jet, I need a laser printer. If I have a black and white laser printer, I need an ink jet. If I have an ink jet and a laser printer, I need a printer that photocopies. A printer that photocopies in color. A big printer, a small printer... And then by the time the printer arrives, I'm back to a more level state... and my dreams of writing chemistry text books, making biology flash cards, and authoring a book of pneumonic devices designed to help people learning English as a second language, have dissipated.

I'm super on top of my moods and medications right now so I haven't been buying printers. Instead, I've developed an insatiable appetite for study aids. I'll pick out the perfect study aid on Amazon, buy it, and then when it arrives, I'll decide that another study aid must be better. And you'd think that eventually I'd run out of study aids to buy. Apparently it's a booming business, the business of making study aids. And I'm probably the best customer.

As of now, I haven't decided whether I want to crush step two, learn all the secrets associated with step two, step up to step two, learn first aid for step 2.

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Cyclothymia said...

LOL - I've been there, and I'm not even into med school yet. I think it's time for a yardsale. ;-)