Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hiding It

So, I'm pretty good at hiding it. But, there are little things. I live in fear of forgetting my medication, so I keep it in my Coach wristlet among my credit card receipts, random change, and crumpled dollar bills. I usually keep about a day or two's supply on hand- the hospital I'm at is a ways away from my apartment so if I forget, I'm a little screwed.

Mostly, everything's fine. I go to the pharmacy, I keep my bottles full, I put pills in my purse, I take them, and I'm normal.

Except for when I'm not. For instance, on Monday, after going to bed quite early Sunday night, I found myself falling asleep during rounds. My face didn't really want to smile, and my feet were perfectly happy to remain still while waiting for the elevator. Life wasn't bad, just a little boring. That, and I felt that if I could find a couch, I'd be able to nap.

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